The Direct Mail ADvantage Book is delivered to Northwest Indiana residents via the mailbox and is packed full of savings from area businesses including: restaurants, auto repairs, home improvement, hair, tanning, doctors offices, carpet cleaning, service companies and many other types of businesses. The Direct Mail ADvantage Book is the preferred direct-mail advertising company in Porter County, offering an affordable, mailed, saturation advertising solution for local businesses by reaching the local consumer via the mailbox. The DM ADvantage  Book is distributed eight times per year via USPS. Each issue is mailed to over 50,000 Indiana households. 


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Mailing Zones 

The Direct Mail ADvantage Book is mailed to over 50,000 consumer households in the local area eight times a year. There are five different mailing areas to chose from, broken down into 10,000+ homes per area. Businesses may choose to mail one mailing area or any combination of zones. This makes it possible for small businesses to target areas and demographics where they are most likely to gain customers, while also allowing larger businesses to mail to the entire marketing area.


Mailing Schedule

DM Advantage is in homes eight times a year, usually arriving at homes on Mondays, with some exceptions. Our December mailing comes out earlier in the month to allow for the Christmas and New Years’ holidays. Although mail dates are approximate and based on production, trucking and postal delivery, DM Advantage has been delivered on time for over 15 years. To give adequate production time to our supplier, we typically deadline three weeks before the book is in homes.


8 Mailings 

A Year & 5 Zones

to choose from


We’ve all heard an urban legend or two in our time. For marketers and business owners, one of the biggest urban legends is: Direct mail is dead. It was killed by the internet. However, it’s not just alive and well, but in fact, direct mail could be considered superior to other marketing channels based on recent statistics and studies. One of the biggest supporters of direct mail marketing is, believe it or not, Google. And for good reasons. They, like other marketers in the digital space, know physical mail works. It’s personal, tactile and when targeted and executed in the right way, it generates response like no other medium. At DM ADvantage we have a proven effective Direct Mail Savings Book that Indiana resdiedents look forward to getting in their mailbox! Let the Direct Mail ADvantage professionals help you put the power of mail to work for you.